In muslim nations mostly gents use shalwar kameez on friday , Eid ul fiter, and Eid ul adha and  marriage ceremony.   salwar kameez with front embroidery is in tend among boys.  Fashionable shalwar kameez can use in marriage ceremony, wedding celebration, Night celebration, and any other Higher education Party.
because Pakistani developer use black and light shades.  Mostly people use ripped denims under embroided kameez.

Any kid could have eye-catching conventional outfits. Pakistani Kids Salwar Kameez is available in different dimensions and style styles. These kids salwars kameez are available in pure cotton, georgette, chiffon and soft silk.Party use Pakistani Kids Salwar Kameez have exciting and eye-catching material like sequins, pellets, zardosi and aari work. These salwar kameez designs have light colors or shiny colors. Resham work and Reflection work are other well-known types of embroidery for Pakistani shalwar kameez designs for little ones.

Pakistan is a country located in The southern part of Japan, having boundaries with Afghanistan, China, India and Iran is an Islamic state rich in wealthy lifestyle.
 One of the many wonderful customs is introducing presents to each other, especially to visitors from overseas. Guests from overseas are handled with highest passion and genuine.Pakistani individuals take great pleasure to make their visitors feel at house and welcome them with open arms. There is a wealthy custom of creating calling at each others' homes.

As Pakistan is a Islamic state so religious beliefs is prominent in every aspect of lifestyles of Pakistanis whether it is a matter of business, connections, weddings or food. As far as marriage is involved it is regarded not a connection between two individuals but a social connection between two family members.

First, Groom's close family members along with its close family members reach bride's home where they are accepted. Girl gets ready on parlor now a days as parlors are mostly frequented by youngsters of Pakistanis. Then boy provides silver or engagement band in front of all the visitors. Then presents are interchanged between each others on this event. Female's outfit and other components are from kid's side. Then both the events fix a appropriate date for marriage.

Before marriage, the ubtan day comes, on this day the bride dress up in yellow-colored dress.. According to the event guys also use yellow-colored dresses.  Females shout marriage music and existing ludi, on the other hand the guys existing bhangra which is conducted on the music of dhol. The new bride is being sat on the seat and the wedded women of both factors come one by one to apply ubtan on her and offer her lovely.

Then comes mehndi; on this day the women use special green and yellow-colored outfits for this event which is ready from the results in of a shrub henna. When it is used in hands and legs magnificently it results in black red color on skin. Ear-rings, mala, gajrey teeka are involved in this plant jewellery.

At last the most important day comes in the life. Bride would wear red color fit (embroider) lehnga on this day while bridegroom would wear shalwar kameez or sherwani with kullah. Bride gets ready on a parlour. Then the "nikah is held". Bride and bridegroom accept each other as life partner. Then schedules (a dry fruit) are given as a sweet to the visitors. Then visitors are provided marriage food which includes poultry, meat or grain etc. Pakistani weddings which are organized in the higher community have number of recipes to show their prosperity and pleasure. In lower category there are one or two recipes only. Then some traditions are organized according to the lifestyle such as the "dudh  pilai" and "juta chupai" with some humor and enjoyment. All the people come one by one to see them, give 'salami' and  wishes for their good life. Then "rukhsati" under the shadow of Sacred Quran. The  wallima is organized on the next day at groom's home where all the visitors come for a food. Both the events of the 'nikah' and 'wallima' are sunnah of our Sacred Prophet (SAW). That's why even the poor also held these two events but according to their financial position. After the wallima the last custom known as "muklawa" is organized. It is an invites from the bride's close family members to the groom's close family members to come along with this new bride and groom. After this marriage the procedure of the marriage is finished.

Most men are comfortable in pants and an informal outfit. However, nowadays men wants to put on such dresses which improve their personality and make them stylish. there are new varieties of  Workplace outfit strictly means an official outfits, trouser and a classy looking footwear.

Most men don't have enough a chance to pick out the right set of outfits to put on to office everyday. Here are a few guidelines that will help you spice up just right for the occasion.

Always make sure your tops are fresh and nicely pressed. Never use a old and wrinkly outfits to workplace since it will retard your impression and you seem careless to your dressing. You can now discover wrinkle 100 % free tops which don't need any pushing. This will preserve you time as well as effort.

While purchasing a outfits, make sure you have a couple of pants that match that outfits. A outstanding matching is necessary to make a appropriate style.  Another factor to look at prior to getting one is the fit. The fit is really essential since it creates you look smarter. It should go well with your neck range and the length of the flashlight sleeves must be accurate.

While purchasing for a men outfits, it is best to also buy a couple of pants which matches it. This way you can have a mixture prepared in your outfits selection. This will preserve you time while putting on a costume up in the morning since you won't need to spend time searching for a couple of pants which match your outfits. Therefore, always buy a couple of pants along with the outfits you are getting. A mild shades outfits usually goes well with a black couple of pants and vice verca.

New year come with great variety of outfits for men and women. If you want to select new clothes according to new style and trend you can discover men outfits on the internet that will offer you  wonderful components to use with your new pants. These might include belts, suspenders, dress footwear and footwear.

You can get a new jacket or oxford-cloth outfits from shops that sell men style matches.
This provides you with a more company informal option, especially if you go with a knit jacket.

Men outfits on the internet suppliers also offer dress tops in a wide variety of shades besides just basic white. This is a great way to modify out your outfits selection, and it provides you with shades that suits to your complexion and brighten your overall look.

The starting of a new year is always a outstanding  and give a chance to add to your selection of men
clothes by purchasing for men matches on the market.

Deepak and Fahad is the well-known style item in Pakistani style industry. This style item is provided by two experienced designers known as as Deepak and Fahad. Both designers enter  in design industry with aim to provide affordable and stylish outfits for men. Deepak and Fahad have released their latest and exclusive winter year kurta collection 2013 for men. This winter year kurta choice 2013 is very affordable and stylish. Deepak and Fahad winter year collection 2013 contains broad range of men kurtas. All kurtas are made from top quality khaddi and pure cotton material components. Moreover, all men kurtas have decorated with affordable and amazing embroidery on the bosom collections and flesh-light sleeves of the kurtas. Let us give a look at the newest and exclusive winter year kurta choice 2013 by Deepak and Fahad.
Moreover, this winter year time collection has been designed according to latest styles. In this kurta choice, Deepak and Fahad used bright but affordable shades like white-colored, black, brownish, red etc. This kurta choice is perfect for casual use and party use for men. In furthermore, this kurta choice is appropriate for all age categories of men because it contains affordable stitching styles. Men and young kids can also use these kurtas on their wedding features and Eid festivities. So those people who want to buy affordable kurta for this season they should buy Deepak and Fahad kurtas. So all men and young kids just analyze out the pictures which are given below and they will definitely like all kurtas.

Eid is an important day for Muslims. Every individual have want to celebrate Eid with great joy and fun. When Eid will near to come individuals finde Eid outfits for Eid day. Many outfits like white salwar kameez with sherwani to put on at Eid day but on the other part many individuals like to put on kurta. Kurta is a nice looking outfit for men.
Kurta is created by unique and good items. These informal outfits make your look very wonderful and awesome. This kurta selection is eye-catching for those men who like to put on eye-catching and nice color at Eid day. Kurta outfits mostly like in Pakistan and India. These kurtas also use in other activities like marriage occasion and parties.

Slim Fit tops are designed in stomach area, hips, and hands for a nearer, streamlined look.  It has nothing to do with being “slim” or “fat”.  If you like your outfits high, limited, and designed, you probably choose a thin fit.

Extra Slim Fit or Extremely Slim Fit tops are a more excessive edition of the thin fit.
Traditional Fit tops are cut more like a box.
Here is a good plan offered by store Streams Bros to describe the distinction between the different suits you might find  most outfit tops for men.

As our religious outfit is Kurta Shalwar and it is also very comfortable to put on. Keeping this in mind, Deepak Perwani has provided perfect menswear in his  latest Eid selection  This selection of  Deepak Perwani provide you impressive collection according to the custom. This time, he has given his popular selection as all men want. this selection contain stylish kurta salwar.

Arsalan & Yashir designs male's and ladies outfits. But they are famous for their unique designs for men.  their latest selection  contain Stylish Kurta   for men known as “Rangeen” this word bring primary concept that selection is in shiny shades.  The function design for Arsalan & Yasheer Rangeen Kurta selection 2013 is popular design of  Mohib Mirza and Naeem Haque. You can find amazing Arsalan & Yasheer Latest men stylish selection “Rangeen” at Zamzama Karachi and Gulberg III Lahore. Check out the closest store and get the item of a trendy and vivid Rangeen Kurta. These Kutas perfect for arriving Springtime Year and men can happily use it on Pakistan’s conventional event Basant.  These kurtas are perfect menwear for conventional event Basant.

Aijaz Aslam is a well known TV specialist who is in design developing since 1995. He provided various selections during this time to gained excellent name in design market. He has designed his own design product Aijaz-The design shop. He shown outfits for both men and ladies in different designs and styles with contemporary methods.

 In the starting of this year, he promoted his summer  newest selection in which he shown outfits from informal use to evening. After the effective show of women selection of outfits, Aijazz provided his newest and exclusive summer design selection 2013 for men which cntain kurta and shalwar. The outfits have the variety from informal use to evening use.

 Thredz kurta shalwar selection 2013 has been released . In this selection, the salwars are all in white-colored. In the Thredz kurta shalwar selection 2013, the kurtas are mostly simply, but in different shades. In this selection, light embroidering has been done on few of the kurtas. In this selection, all the kurta shalwars looks really stylish. For the events, where conventional outfits are required, the outfits in the Thredz kurta shalwar selection 2013 for men are great. As the whole selection is according to the newest stylish designs in Pakistan, that is why we hope that all the trendy men will really like these kurtas.

Kurta pajame is used by modern boys in Pakistan and India. Sherwanis isalso used with kurta
 pajama for new and stylish look

. Kurta pajama is the Primary Summer time  Style  for men. The sherwanis have been stirred from the kurta pajama for men.

No doubt man looks stylish and eye-catching in shalwar kameez. Among all other available outfits for men, kurta pajama is well liked not only in Pakistan but also many other nations like Indian. Although the sherwani has obtained some popularity, but apart from that the traditional use for Pakistani men, stay essentially unknown to the globe. Let us have a look at some of the essential Pakistani use for men.
Shaiwanis are quite stylish as marriage use among Pakistani men. The style marriage shairwanis are quite well-liked on the globe too. They are usually in high shade overall tone and structure with traditional Pakistani stitched work and with an included ornament.