Outfitter Junior was launched his latest and tremendous collection for kids of shirts, tee-shirts, jeans, frocks, scarves, coats, sweaters, jackets, tights, beanie and shawls. Outfitters Junior has used bright colors such as red, blue, black, white, green, yellow in style. On this eid he made beautiful and elegant dresses for kids. All kids enjoy and love all this and want to wear these dresses. These dresses are with some embellishment with embroidery.
 Latest Outfitters Junior eid Collection for 2013 is one of the most popular in the fashion industry. Its style is classy, elegant and awesome. He is a designer who is working according to their customers need and trend. This is a couture house where you will go for all seasonal and occasion shopping.  Indian kid’s clothes are very popular in US. Indian parents look for style as well as comfort. Besides being stunning and beautiful, we make sure that all of our kids dresses are lined with soft material. This is the best collection of this eid of 2013 for kids. Here you have some stunning collection look of these dresses.

Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain   Kurta Collection for Men 2013 
 shayan-e-Hussain is one of the best designer in Pakistan. He released her new brand Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain. Its clothing style is classy, elegant and awesome. He is a designer who is working according to their customers need and is working in this field. In these designs many beautiful colors are present at reasonable prices.  
This collection is with new designs of shalwar and kurta on this eid. These dresses are with some embellishment with embroidery. This is the mastermind brand designs of this Ramadan Eid-ul-Fitr. These dresses are with perfect stitching styles like kurta along shalwar or kameez with shalwar. These dresses are mostly wearing on important events like casual, official, mehndi, Eid, halla gulla party events and on event. These dresses are consists of many colors have been set inside the brighter and dark modes that is including with the white, black, brown, green and blue shades. There is latest mid summer collection of 2013 are available in unique shades and designs for men. Mesmerizing bright, vivid and contrasting colors have made it all worthwhile for the perfect winter look. Just wait a bit here and have a look at this beautiful yet stunning eid collection 2013 Sheen by Shayan-e-hussain. 

Starlet Shoes is not only a brand, it is a lifestyle of all women. In this summer there are new collections of shoes are launched. A small hand shoe production unit was established in 1980 which progressively established and came to known as Starlet Innovation (PVT) Limited. In it you feel stylish and elegant and make a man more passionate who are trendy in nature. In a very short span of time pretty established a strong foothold as quality shoe retailers. It only contact with that companies which are going higher at the beginning.

 There are many designs in the latest summer arrival’s collection which are cheap and affordable and totally is according to the new are, modern designs and very attractive. Starlet is defined by quality, using superior lambskin with fine craftsmanship. These shoes are wearing for casual wear, formal wear, and any other occasion. It will make your look, personality much attractive and impressive because shoes play an important role in the personality of human being. . These accessories are found in all big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, etc. There are many designs are available in beautiful and lovely shades. Starlet has come up with beautiful and lovely multi shades and simple yet sober colors also. Let’s have a look of starlet shoes Footwear Collection 2013 for men.

The ponytail is a very common and unique hairstyle. Sometimes it gives you a very pretty look you can also get a professional look with the help of it. You can make ponytail in every type of hairs. The length of your hair doesn’t matter when you are making a ponytail. It looks pretty in long and straight hairs and also in short hairs. There are many ways to make a ponytail. Here are some different styles of ponytail.

1. A straight ponytail always gives a stunning look. You can get a straight ponytail by making a ponytail and ironing it.
2. If you have a poodle hairs then make ponytail. It also looks beautiful. Just make a ponytail and then curl it. A curly ponytail looks cute whether it is high or low.
3. Spiral ponytail is a famous style among kids. Spiral ponytail style look stunning in kids. It looks much different from the others. Make a spiral of your ponytail with the help of your fingers and then release it.
4. The ponytail looks the best when waves are formed. You can achieve these waves by making a ponytail after taking a bath. Don’t brush your hair too much before or after making the ponytail because brushing can disturb the curls formed after bathing.

The Grace Fabrics Eid collection 2013 of so many lawn collections is made. Grace Fabrics brings attractive and fancy collection that includes new dresses according to latest fashion trend. . The collections of Grace have helped it gather a reasonable amount of fans in a short period of time. Grace is basically an online men’s clothing store. Grace Fabrics used wide range of bright colors. In this way, men will get matching shoes will their different outfits. So all men and pretty girls if they want to look beautiful by wearing stylish dress they should check out latest Grace Fabrics Eid collection 2013. In this collection the stylish Kurta and Salwar kameez by Grace Fabrics look worth admirable and decency of color and design are worth wearable. Grace Fabric’s kurta shalwar collection for Eid 2013 has embellished with embroidery on neckline, sleeves and collar. Grace Fabrics is doing great in fashion clothing for both men and women. This collection can be chosen out as the best alternative for the get together, wedding and religious events. . Dresses founded in this collection are simple casual wear but decent and looking trendy. Have a look at these and if you want to get any of them to match your eid dress, go to either of the stores and buy them now. Hurry before the stock is finished.

Chand Raat is a night of blessing and happiness for all the Muslims.  Muslims celebrate it on the arising of Shawal Moon. This night is very important for the Muslims who spent a whole month of fasts. Actually it is the celebration of happiness that we have successfully fasts for the whole month and gathered a lot of Gods blessings. All the Muslims celebrate it with great happiness Chand Raat is more important for ladies as compared to men because ladies have to prepare many things for the next day which is the day of Eid. Women especially young girls like to go market to buy different things like dresses, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, Hina, Bangles, “Gujray” etc. They buy a lot of things for the Eid day. The women of more age try to buy suits and other things for young ones. They make food items and ingredients of different dishes. At this night Sweets are common which are given by people to each others. Besides sweets, cakes are also very common among the people. At 30 fast after the Magrib namaz people gather to see the moon and they celebrate Chand rat on that night.

Groom the chief guest of the wedding ceremony. All the guests of this ceremony put their eyes on this personality because he is central part the Barat. The appearance of the groom must be different from all other persons. His dress, his shoes, his Sehra his Qula every thing is dreamy and charming. Groom dresses include Sherwai, Shalwar Qamees, Kurta Shalwar, Pent shirt, three piece suit and some other dresses. These dresses are specially formed at order. The groom himself select clothe, designs, handwork on it or machinery embroidery. These days the Sherwani with heavy embroidery is very common. Which include bead work, Retta, Kora, Pearls and thread work also? The matching Qula with groom dress is also used. Some colors hand work also used on Qula. Shoes has also some thread work and Tilla work which is used on Sherwani and Qula.

Ranbir kapoor is an Indian model with a male debut and he is leading in the Bollywood film industry. He always gives glamorous look in all his characters because he has its own unique styles and always gives their best in every character. He does many films with in every look as mad, innocent, true lover, flirty boy, college boy, and etc, but in all looks he is best and does his work with their heart. Now in his new upcoming next movie Bombay Velvet that is directed by Anurag Kashyap and with his loving friend Karan Johar, Ranbir was playing a role of street fighter. He gives a lovely unique look in this role and everyone supporting him. He is true and honest actor who has awesome muscular and super swift body of a real street fighter. He is going higher day by day like his father Rishi Kapoor, his father feels proud on him. All their viewers who like him make him their inspiration in every style. Ranbir makes many efforts for his film he joins gym for makes his muscles too strong and he also growing his hairs for the film because he wants to look real street fighter. We all are very shocked to hear Ranbir Kapoor as a street fighter. But he looks amazing with this look also.