In this post you watched Pakistani Desi boy Nael photos collection for 2014 which are is so nice and simple dress. He is as soon popular at International level. He started his career few years back with her best character. After that he left the fashion world with his hard work. He nominates more time as a best Pakistani model but she said to media that he interest in acting and wants to make best actors. In below the picture he looked without Hair. His looked is so beautiful without hair. He is simple boy and has good attitude from any person.

Naeem Haq is a Pakistani Desi boy actually he started his career from TV Channels. His performance is not good so he could not make him famous. But when he entered in showbiz and starts his fashion shows then his popularity spreads. So, he few photo shots with top brands. Now his name is top and during the latest Karachi fashion week. Huge names signed him for their coming collection and he accept their offered. He also worked for many designers. Below the photo he wears paint shirt and also wear bag with his full character.

Abdullah Ejaz is a Pakistan Desi boy and best model which was born in Islamabad. He is getting very famous very rapidly due to his best characters and performance. When he entered in Pakistani film Industry at that time all around his name is announced as best actors and model. So, he many awards of best model and more times nominates as Pakistani top actors. You watched him in almost in every sow and you would saw him with big name really soon as he has just signed a very huge contracts. Here in below the picture his hair is so stylish designs and his look is so good.  

Ashen Khan is one of the prominent names in the Pakistan Film industry. He belongs to a Khan family. So, his face looking is so pretty and cute. Now he made a star for peoples due to his most hard working. He firstly worked in many serials including TV dramas. After that he is also arrived in fashion. His fans also called his that he is successful Lollywood actor. As a Host he worked in many shows. He was born in Islamabad. His qualification is at Graduate. His name is in excellent Desi boys. In below the pictures he wears blue colored sherwani which suit on his.

Faisal Qureshi is top one celebrity in Pakistan. When he was in childhood at this time he entered in the acting field. At this childhood he acted in nineteen films with best performance. When he entered in the film industry his age is 20 year, he played a leading and great impressing role in the first film “Saza”. He worked also hosted in a morning show on TV. He is also known as versatile due to the best style and performance. He belongs to respectable Qureshi family.

Imran Abbas is Pakistani Desi boy He is also one of the Pakistani top Actor and Model. He is famous due to his best role in Drama “KHUDA aur Muhabbat”. Here he also offered for Bollywood movies. So he has been coasted in Bollywood movie in which he plays a Pakistani character. In below the pictures he wears white glasses on his face from which his face grace is good looking.

Shehryar Munawer belongs to a Siddiqui family and he was born Sindh. He is extremely talented and hard working Pakistani Desi boy. He is fifth good looking and most intelligent Desi boy in Pakistani entertainment Industry. When he started his career he appears firstly in Pakistani serials. Now he is best model and actor of Pakistan. He won most TV sensation awards.     

Azfar Rehman is a Pakistani Desi boy. He work in all field of industry firstly, he started his career from hosting after that he joined model and acting. So, now he is best model and actor. He is very stylish boy and has perfect features of genuine person. He is popular due to his beautiful grace and handsome looks. People consider that he is a top model of Pakistan. He also performed in many fashion shows and in Drama serials with his best performance. 

Junaid Khan is pakistani desi boy which start his career from singing. So, he is best singer of Pakistan. Now he write song self and made best actor. He nominated most of the best singer, writer and TV actor in Lux style award. His popularity is due to her great performance in singing, writing and acting. He looked very happy in below the pictures.

Sami Khan is Pakistani Desi boy. He is talented and educated best model and actor. He started his career from play in which his performance is good and he selected more movies. He was born in Lahore and belongs to Punjabi family which so respectful and rich. In below pics he wears red and white combination shirt which suit on his.