1. First you should care that whatever you wear fits you perfectly. Most guys wear clothes that are too large. Make sure everything you wear is according the shape of your body not so loose or not so tight.
2.  Don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry or more than three colors. If you want to be look extra stylish, a simpler but stylish black dress shirt with a white blazer, a dark pair of jeans, and a belt. You could also add a flashy watch or a simple accessory like necklace, but nothing more.
3. Casual doesn’t have to be boring. Try different colors take some insperation from thoes who have a little different stylish look then others
4. - Some sweaters are lean and others are big and chunky. Don’t wear a fisherman’s sweater with a beautiful silk-and-wool suit pant. Instead, wear it with something as casual as cargos or jeans.Payattention for your spporting piece.

5. Don’t go alone for a shoping. Some people trust on sales men because they work for their commission and give you a best thing.You go with your friend who gives you honest opinion. And aslo read your budge.

GUCCI-This storied Florentine company, founded in 1921, has long been inspired by distinguished women of beauty actresses, princesses and socialites. This is most beautiful, glamorous and fashionable watch which is loved by movie stars and bequeathed to future generations, few fashion houses always trying to make this mysterious watch as Gucci.

The Gucci offers a unique interpretation of excess. The 44 mm case together with an iconic, advanced G- shaped bezel and its top push buttons combine together to form a good model of personality. Steel case and white ceramic bezel with white matte painted dial, steel and white, Black, Brown, White Stainless, ceramic bracelet. It’s always time to make a statement with our Gucci watch collection with the latest new fancy designs. This watch when you wear it will enhance the personality of your status, this prove as your favorite wrist watch.

During summers, our skin becomes rough and dry. However if you take proper care of your skin, it will get a lot better. Always keep your skin clean. Cleanliness is very important. Men’s skin is much oilier than women’s so it needs more cleanliness. Use a good cleanser and a good face wash. Use moisturizer weekly to make it saturated. Use fragrance free creams on your face. Fragrance often contains many harmful ingredients. Use good and clean blades to shave. Firstly, wet it with warm water then applies shaving cream and then after a few minutes use the blade. Stay out of the sun most of the time. It makes your skin dry. Use sunscreen to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. Drink a plenty of water daily. It will keep your skin hydrated. Men sweat more than women. Always keep tissues with you to clean the sweat from your face. It is very harmful to the skin. Take a bath daily to be neat and clean. Use antibacterial soaps. Men need to take more care of their skin as they have to go to the office and work. Use the above-mentioned tips to get a lot of benefits. You will get good results as soon as you follow these tips

The Sherwani and the Kurta are two of the maximum innovations that current period encompass seen in provisions of men’s manner attires in the established Indian segment. Sherwani and kurta are the right choice for men in customary occasions like weddings. Young boys look stunning in delight colors of Kurta and Sherwani in wedding ceremony. Many men’s add dupata with Sherwani it also look attractive. The sherwani and kurta is in general worn by means of pajamas or still the dhoti. Silk and banarsi clothes are used in Sherwani and kurta. Some Sherwani and kurta are having different hand work or some have stylish embroidery. Some smooth two of a kind it off by means of an Aligarhi, or a pajama with fine endings. Colors resembling light green, pink and smooth light mauve have turn out to be fairly ordinary with the whites, off whites, creams and beiges the length of with an collection of sunglasses of black residual the recurrent favorites. So, if you come about to be single of persons man who motionless haven’t invested in the sherwani or the kurta pajama or the dhoti, this is the occasion, go obtain it.

Now a day fashion designing is the much popular art of today. People look for new and trendy fashion for looking smart. Boys wear mostly jeans, t-shirts, caps, denim trousers and etc. All wear dresses according to the environment or occasion and season like summer and winter. Today boys are not enough then girl, boys also doing fashion as girls do but there are little differences in both fashions not too much.

Dresses are made according to festival like eid, wedding, any birthday parties etc. Particular dresses are for particular events like salwar kameez is wearing on wedding but not simple dress, little embroidery on it. In all countries boys are more conscious about their styles they do all type of fashion. Some wear scarf on their shoulders some wear shorts in the summer season for avoiding heat and as well as it makes fashion also. Today boys are very diligent in updating the fashion catalog to reflect the latest style and associated trends. They wear glasses on the dresses for showing such a classy person. Boys wear sherwani on the weddings because this was creating much graceful and attractive attention on the whole occasion on you. Boys fashion was outstanding this is of because due to our designers.

Recently stylish summer edge collection 2013 for men has been released. Edge collection launched for young and fashionable boys. This collection contains shirts in much more unique styles and fashion, which will totally impress you and you, will hope to buy it.

Edge is the worlds famous leading fashion brand which is used by both eastern and western type of dresses and it is perfect for every age of men. Edge is the men’s wear garments industry which works since 2008 in the field. Edge collection is the simple but decent and attractive collection which enhances the beauty of men in this collection. Edge designed mostly shirts with full of much styles and high ends. Each and every shirt has fully adorned with simple looks and but awesome stitching styles of collars and cuffs. Edge collection of shirts is in bright colors like red, blue, grey ferozi and black. There are many other styles of edge collection shirts are present but simple shirts are very common in the market. This collection is the best collection of this year. These shirts are for both casual and party wear. These styles of shirts are perfect for upcoming Eid-ul-fitr.  Here some beautiful edge collection for men is given below.

Sports sunglasses are very important to wear by people because it will protect your eyes against any injury during playing. So if you are an athlete and searching for a pair of sports sunglasses then you wear just Adidas sunglasses for men. Adidas is one of the best leaders in the manufacture of athletic sunglasses. Sunglasses are the fashion of this new world’s generation. Today this trend is appreciated by people, who want to make their name in the social status. Sunglasses increase the taste in a man’s personality with some elegancy.

 Adidas sunglasses are the best glasses for the eyes while you playing any sport. It will protect you from pollution of the air and sunrays. Adidas sunglasses are easily available according to their face size, shape. These are also available in all colors and designs which you like to wear. It offers you a very good and beautiful collection of different shapes and many colors or dual colored or patterned sunglasses which suits on your style and find what most looks best on your face; allowing you to practice freely in the sun without any worries. These sport glasses are best for you according to the man’s face and did not create any problem while you are being played.

Fifth Avenue Collection  is a very famous and most favorite fashion brand of garments in Pakistan. Fifth Avenue Collection has recently introduced their latest mens’ wear collection 2013. Fifth Avenue casual wear for men 2013 consists of shirts, jeans, sweaters, hoodies, tee- shirts and jackets. This stylish collection  by Fifth Avenue clothing is of course very decent and simple but all are very exclusive and perfect according to the atmosphere. In this collection there have been used vibrant colors and high quality fabric as well as designed  western clothes in a way of modern style.Fifth avenue collection was established in year 2005 and since then they had launched their very comfortable and unique collection for every season.They have always produced men and women casual wears included all types of clothes and accessories. 

Eid is an important event and has much specialty for Muslims. Along with women and children men also very actively wait for this occasion. They very eagerly go to bazaar for shopping and select trendy Eid dresses according to their choice. Teen boys most wanted for stylish jeans and shirts in exclusive colors and designs.  But young men select Salwar Kameez, kurta pajama Churidar Kurta, Pathani Suit, Sherwani, Afghani Suit etc. mostly men like to wear white color as it gives them nice look and enhance their masculine charm.   Boys’ shalwar kameez is stitched from various fabrics, which are easily obtainable at the local market. Eid Outfits are marked by their attractiveness and sleek fabrics. The more embroidered clothes are the best. Lush fabrics, mesmerizing colors and dazzling embellishments are little significant uniqueness of typical Pakistani Eid dresses for men. 


Men always remain busy the whole day in their official work and so he constantly selects comfy dress so that he may not feel uneasy and agitation. In summer season, he frequently wears simple and trouble-free dress because heavy and stylish dress might be prickled. In Pakistan there are a lot of fashion brands who provide latest and trendy dresses for men, children and adults. These fashion brands every year introduce their latest collections that are in fashion. The product line of this collection includes vibrant colored shirts with having superb new designs that are much in fashioned. This collection consists of dress shirts, casual shirts, polo shirts, belts and also trousers etc. Prices of these shirts are normal and men can afford these causal shirts easily without any worry. These fashion brands also present stylish dresses for party wear and office wear.


Dressing style of man make out right to know his character and personality by the way he dresses.His outfit including fashion accessories and also his shoes give away what he thinks and act. For instance, a man wearing unpolished shoes with a nice suit says he is lazy and doesn't care about his appearance. It also says that he does not give importance to small details like polishing his shoes before going out of the house. It also says he is all about outer appearance but inside, he is shallow. If  you to find this relatable then it is best time to chang your habits. Here are some simple men's fashion tips which canbe  incorporate in your life.

1. First of all,  you need to wear clothes that fit you properly.it should be not too loose and not too tight, just perfect fit.

2. Always dress up acording to the occaion gives the same impression.Thus, inculcate the habit of wearing mature clothes. It is right to dressing donate t shirts with cheesy and crude messages and fill your wardrobe with polo t shirts.

3.puting up  little but stylish accessories and try to keep your clothing simple.Experts also believe that men of good taste so you should constantly dress their age. Also learn how to coordinate the colors of your outfit. Accessories and shoes should also well matched with it.

4.When dressing for any occasion, it is always wise to dress better than others and less than them. This makes you stand out in the crowd as others carely notice you.


Hairs are most important part of our personality if we change our hair style it changes our whole look. Pakistani boys are also consious about their hairstyle they want to adopt a unique and trendy style which seems to be good. Not only is the salon a place where hair styles are created, it is also created at home. With the help of gel boys make different hair styles. One of the trendiest hair styles is the short hair stylefor 2012 and 2013. Mostly people copy the style of celebrities’ their fans think that they are the most beautiful people so they try to copy their dress style and hair style. 
There are various fashion magazines and websites, throw this you can easily know that what is the latest hair style. You should take hair style according to your face shape. Try different hair styles on different events that must be creat a new look. Not loose confident in whatever you wear.wash your hair with best shampoo which makes your hair shiniy if your hairs are smooth then it can pick every hair style easily.