Now a day fashion designing is the much popular art of today. People look for new and trendy fashion for looking smart. Boys wear mostly jeans, t-shirts, caps, denim trousers and etc. All wear dresses according to the environment or occasion and season like summer and winter. Today boys are not enough then girl, boys also doing fashion as girls do but there are little differences in both fashions not too much.

Dresses are made according to festival like eid, wedding, any birthday parties etc. Particular dresses are for particular events like salwar kameez is wearing on wedding but not simple dress, little embroidery on it. In all countries boys are more conscious about their styles they do all type of fashion. Some wear scarf on their shoulders some wear shorts in the summer season for avoiding heat and as well as it makes fashion also. Today boys are very diligent in updating the fashion catalog to reflect the latest style and associated trends. They wear glasses on the dresses for showing such a classy person. Boys wear sherwani on the weddings because this was creating much graceful and attractive attention on the whole occasion on you. Boys fashion was outstanding this is of because due to our designers.


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