. Hijab a kind of Islamic clothing developed to respect spiritual beliefs to protect the women it can be used as eye-catching clothing as well. It is now available in shiny shades and clear styles in addition to comfortable yet stylish material. Hijab is the word in the Islamic perspective for the practice of putting on a costume that cover the body, muslim girls at the age of adolescence are directed to wear. Wearing a hijab and the way you cover hijab is an art. A headscarf can be used in so many stylish or conventional ways. Hijab styles differ by material, shades and printing, and by the method of appearance. Hijab can involve a headscarf and an under-scarf. You can select hijab of your faviurite color and material. Hooks can beautify hijab if they hold material in place. Hijab as a aspect of clothing is a questionable issue. Apart from sex issues, hijab regulations differ from an Islamic community to another. Saudi law needs females hijab, complete dark gowns, dressed in veils and face with two cuts for eyes.


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