Arranged marriage is most commonly followed in Pakistan. In this type of marriage, the marriage will be fixed with the near wish and liking of the new bride and groom's family associates. So, everyone associates will be involved in all the marriage arrangement of the couples.

first the groom's mother and father and near relatives will make a visit to the bride's house and give their offer.  If the bride's mother and father and near relatives agree to the offer, the "mangni" will take place. Mangni is the engagement function that occurs as a huge party with the presence of visitors.

Love marriage in Pakistan is really very challenging to happen. It is really a tough situation to marry the individual of your option in Pakistan. Though the religion and law allow the women to join her hands with her own choice of individual but the mother and father and near relatives of both couple will never agree to the marriage. Moreover, individuals will conceive their marriage as the dishonor to themselves associates and religious traditions. At situations, the lady will be killed by her individuals and at some situations her partner will also murdered.


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