Pakistani press has seen different age groups. Since partition until existing day we are not able enhance our organizations such as press. Just like other institutions of Pakistan press was also in horrible circumstances.  People of  press are along with dictators but admire to those reporters and press entrepreneurs who always status against dictators. Common individuals can not be held responsible for their traditional and old designed strategy because they were revealed the press whose only aim was to earn money by assisting the fake and made camp of paperwork and organization. Secondly typical individuals are so anxious that mostly they don't care whether system is democratic or dictatorship.
Programs like "Choraha", "Bolta Pakistan", "Hasb-e-Hal", "Ghamdi", "Jirga" and many other applications existing and talk about information and opinions in a very uncommon way. This strategy can be seen in our press only. I have seen sightseeing only information applications whole day and they never get carried. Lately after the new trend of terrorism our press need and insistence for starting an function in Wazirsitan was  amazing. Media was against the Swat function in the starting and later on outlined the disadvantages of Swat function.
Along with criticism press must provide alternatives to the problem. Still our reporters and experts get psychological while talking about nationwide problems. This is the mind of political figures not of reporters. Their research should be logical and healthy and the anchor bolts must persuade the members to talk about any matter in local perspective.


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