Chand Raat is a night of blessing and happiness for all the Muslims.  Muslims celebrate it on the arising of Shawal Moon. This night is very important for the Muslims who spent a whole month of fasts. Actually it is the celebration of happiness that we have successfully fasts for the whole month and gathered a lot of Gods blessings. All the Muslims celebrate it with great happiness Chand Raat is more important for ladies as compared to men because ladies have to prepare many things for the next day which is the day of Eid. Women especially young girls like to go market to buy different things like dresses, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, Hina, Bangles, “Gujray” etc. They buy a lot of things for the Eid day. The women of more age try to buy suits and other things for young ones. They make food items and ingredients of different dishes. At this night Sweets are common which are given by people to each others. Besides sweets, cakes are also very common among the people. At 30 fast after the Magrib namaz people gather to see the moon and they celebrate Chand rat on that night.


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