The ponytail is a very common and unique hairstyle. Sometimes it gives you a very pretty look you can also get a professional look with the help of it. You can make ponytail in every type of hairs. The length of your hair doesn’t matter when you are making a ponytail. It looks pretty in long and straight hairs and also in short hairs. There are many ways to make a ponytail. Here are some different styles of ponytail.

1. A straight ponytail always gives a stunning look. You can get a straight ponytail by making a ponytail and ironing it.
2. If you have a poodle hairs then make ponytail. It also looks beautiful. Just make a ponytail and then curl it. A curly ponytail looks cute whether it is high or low.
3. Spiral ponytail is a famous style among kids. Spiral ponytail style look stunning in kids. It looks much different from the others. Make a spiral of your ponytail with the help of your fingers and then release it.
4. The ponytail looks the best when waves are formed. You can achieve these waves by making a ponytail after taking a bath. Don’t brush your hair too much before or after making the ponytail because brushing can disturb the curls formed after bathing.


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