Groom the chief guest of the wedding ceremony. All the guests of this ceremony put their eyes on this personality because he is central part the Barat. The appearance of the groom must be different from all other persons. His dress, his shoes, his Sehra his Qula every thing is dreamy and charming. Groom dresses include Sherwai, Shalwar Qamees, Kurta Shalwar, Pent shirt, three piece suit and some other dresses. These dresses are specially formed at order. The groom himself select clothe, designs, handwork on it or machinery embroidery. These days the Sherwani with heavy embroidery is very common. Which include bead work, Retta, Kora, Pearls and thread work also? The matching Qula with groom dress is also used. Some colors hand work also used on Qula. Shoes has also some thread work and Tilla work which is used on Sherwani and Qula.


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